1st Community Completes Conversion To CU*Answers’ Core Solution

SAN ANGELO, Texas–1st Community FCU is reporting it has successfully completed a core conversion to CU*Answers’ CU*Base solution.


In the process it has become the first CU*BASE user to leverage the new interface to the loan origination system from Austin, Texas-based CUSO Sync1 Systems, the company said.

“When we first started talking with the CU*Answers team, we were intrigued by their business model but we weren’t really looking to go through a core conversion,” said 1st Community FCU CEO Bill Nikolauk. “Nobody in their right mind wants to go through a conversion. With that in mind we knew the challenge of the conversion would be worth the great benefits of a more extensive system. Dealing with partners instead of a corporation is always the best option. The more we talked to our peers that were using CU*BASE, the more we thought a core change was exactly what our team and our members needed.”

Nikolauk said the process was managed “extremely well” by everyone involved and added he and his credit union are very happy to now be part of a cooperative, as CU*Answers is a CUSO.

‘Tremendous Success’

“Our cooperative is excited to not only have another customer-owner in Texas, but also to have our first user of the Sync1 Systems LOS deployed in our network,” said Scott Collins, EVP of national sales and marketplace development for CU*Answers. “The project was a tremendous success because all three parties—Sync1, 1CFCU and our team—were committed to bringing cost-effective and game-changing tools to not only the credit union team, but directly to the members as well. The successful launch was the culmination of five months of hard work by all teams, and I commend Bill and his entire team for a job well done. I look forward too many years as business partners and friends.”

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