2019 Vision: Forecast Sees Big Increase in Online Sales Via Mobile (and Fraud to Follow)

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TEL AVIV, Israel—By 2019, more than 60% of online retail sales will be made via mobile devices, according to a new report from Riskified.

But the report also warns that as mobile sales rise so does mobile fraud, especially for larger dollar amounts.

The company stated that mobile orders for digital goods, such as plane tickets and online gift cards, are four times as likely to be fraudulent as orders for physical goods. And mobile transactions in amounts greater than $1,000 are three times more likely to be fraudulent than those worth less than $200, shared E-Commerce Times in its analysis.

By contrast, 96% of mobile orders in the lower price bracket are likely to be valid, the study found, compared to 91% carried out on traditional desktops or laptops.

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