Affinion Insurance Solutions Now Franklin Madison

FRANKLIN, Tenn.--Affinion Insurance Solutions announced its new name Tuesday: Franklin Madison Group LLC.

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The company said its name change reflects the new direction of the company.

"This is the final step in the transformation to becoming an independent company as a result of the acquisition by Mill Point Capital in August 2018," Franklin Madison said. "A long-time leader in insurance marketing serving financial institutions, Franklin Madison is focused on continuing to deliver on its commitments to its bank and credit union clients and intends to invest in and expand its digital and direct mail footprint."

“Our new name reflects our long 45-plus-year history as well as our bright, innovative future,” said Robert Dudacek, president and CEO of Franklin Madison. “As an industry leader, we are proud and excited to be an independent entity that remains committed to our financial industry clients.”

The company explained that “Franklin” represents the company’s headquarters, while "Madison” refers to the foundation of the business, originated as Madison Financial in the 1960s.

"Together, the name signifies the strength of its past as well as its optimism about the future," the company said.

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