Effort On to Simplify Exchange Process Between Crypto, Fiat


PARIS—Tempo Money Transfer, operating Stellar blockchain payments, is aiming to simplify the exchange process between crypto and fiat by creating what it claims is the biggest payment network of any licensed global cryptocurrency exchange.

Tempo’s money transfer services enable cryptocurrency trading by facilitating the process on its online platform and smartphone app.

“Offering easy-to-access exchange rate comparisons, Tempo allows users to buy cryptocurrency either through its app or at one of its 300 agent locations. Since it doesn’t entail the need to convert tokens to Ethereum or Bitcoin to finalize the transaction, fiat owners don’t have to fork out hefty cash-out fees for Bitcoin ATMs,” FX Compared said.

Fiat backers can use Tempo to exchange their cryptocurrency for cash instantaneously. However, the platform is now about to offer a Stellar-backed Visa or MasterCard with an associated bank account that lets them apply their crypto balances to the purchase of goods and services.

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