Iowa League Launches Cybersecurity Training Firm

DES MOINES, Iowa—The Iowa Credit Union League’s holding company, Affiliates Management Company (AMC), has launched a cybersecurity training firm to serve credit unions.

Iowa CU League

Called BrightWise, the organization is led by security expert Sherri Davidoff, who is CEO, and COO Corey Skadburg.
“It’s no longer 13-year-olds in their moms’ basements that are hacking us; it’s organized crime groups all over the world,” said Davidoff in a release.

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, organizations are nearly three times more likely to be breached by social attacks, such as phishing, than via actual vulnerabilities.
“People tend to think cybersecurity happens in the IT department,” said Davidoff. “In fact, keeping the cyber wolves at bay requires continuous, sharp-eyed guards at every point of entry. Front-line staff are under constant assault from crooks and their automated robots, look-alike communications and other crafty tricks. We have to arm employees with knowledge, but also give them the tactics they need to sidestep cyber sneak attacks.”

‘Significant Vulnerability’
“Credit unions, even those with really robust cybersecurity programs, still have a significant vulnerability within the employee base,” said Skadburg. “While this is true for organizations in many industries, credit union staff are wired to bend over backward for members and their colleagues. If an unusual request comes across a credit union employee’s desk, skepticism can be overridden by a sense of duty to solve problems for people quickly.”

BrightWise will initially offer subscription-based cybersecurity training through an online learning management system. The tool will give credit unions access to short training videos, quizzes, documentation, webinars and gamified features. Managers will track employee progress within the system, a function that will assist in satisfying the growing regulator insistence on continuous employee training.

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