Northern Illinois FCU Goes Live With CUProdigy Core

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DEKALB, Ill.–Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union has gone live with CUProdigy Core.

While this move to a modern cloud-based platform will add about $200 to the $16-million credit union’s monthly technology spend, the increase in technology makes up for the extra expense, the company said.

“We were running on a very antiquated system,” NIFCU President Mark Lenaway said. “We were still using batch processing for our ATMs and online banking. We knew we had to make a move to real-time to remain competitive.”

Lenaway said his previous data processor offered real-time processing, but at a very prohibitive cost. CUProdigy Core was a much better overall value. “We feel much safer from a disaster recovery standpoint, too,” he said.

The credit union’s old data processing system was run on an in-house server.

“We did our backups like we were supposed to,” said Lenaway, “but a major disaster could really cause us some major problems. I like knowing our data is now safe and secure at a state-of-the-art data center in Salt Lake City. Sure, we’re spending a little more, but our increased capabilities, better automation, improved employee efficiency, and especially greater member satisfaction all more than make up for that.”

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