The New Holiday Tradition: Fear Of Identity Theft


Bill Hardekopf

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.—One-third of shoppers plan to do most or all of their holiday shopping online this year, and 71% of these shoppers are worried about identity theft.

Referring to a study by LifeLock, Bill Hardekopf, CEO of, said, “Sadly, Americans now rank protecting their identity ahead of enjoying some holiday traditions. Forty-nine percent said they would pass on gifts this season if it meant their identity wouldn't be stolen, and when asked what would likely ruin their holiday, 50% of respondents said it would be having their identity stolen.”

Hardekopf noted that the study shows identity theft is a bigger fear for consumers than not being able to share the holidays with their family and friends (22%) and not being able to afford presents (17%).”

Hardekopf noted that consumers increase their risk for identity theft when they give out personal information to receive promotions, save their credit card information on a retailer's website, and order merchandise from a promotional email—even if it looks like it is from a legitimate retailer.

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