United Solutions Creates XP2 Community

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–United Solutions Company (USC) said it has created the XP2 Community to provide XP2 Credit Unions the opportunity to ask questions, share

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ideas, and help each other become more efficient with the system, and it is inviting those not participating to sign up.

USC said it developed the website with the notion the XP2 Community would grow and evolve organically by the credit unions that participate. 

“The topics are not limited to only functionality of the XP2 Core System,” the company said. “A credit union could discover information regarding third party providers, networking and technology, or gain ideas from other credit unions using the XP2 System in new and creative ways.”

USC added the mission of the XP2 Community website is for XP2 expertise to grow and enhance for all credit unions utilizing the product. 

“The information hosted is intended for the XP2 core processing community only, and should not be used for any purposes other than helping XP2 core users,” the company said. “To help ensure that there is no misuse of the site, USC will be qualifying every site registration to verify that they are employees of XP2 credit unions.”

Once a registration from the XP2 Community Forum is received, an email notification of the request is sent to USC’s management staff. USC confirms that the user is currently employed at or supporting a credit union that is operating XP2. An approval notification is sent to the user requesting access to the Forum. The user will enter the verification code, then may enter and engage with the Forum, the company said.

USC provides the XP2 Core Data Processing solution in a hosted environment. The system has a modern SQL database that can be backed up, replicated, and virtualized on an IBM Platform. The APEX Interface provides the most open architecture of any Fiserv Credit Union System, including DNA. The user interface is intuitive, customizable, and attractive, USC added.

For info: www.unitedsolutions.coop

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