United Solutions Partners With CISCO Meraki On Data Security

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –United Solutions Company said it has entered into a collaboration with CISCO Meraki to help keep member data secure.

United Solutions

USC Networking has added Meraki Systems Manager for Device Management, including Meraki firewalls (MX), telecommuter firewalls, Meraki Wireless Access Points (MR), and Meraki Switches (MS). The CUSO said it is leveraging Cisco Meraki to streamline and secure new sites, either offices or credit union branches.

USC Networking said it is also leveraging the built in Auto-VPN & SD-WAN capability to eliminate dependency of a single telecommunications provider while still providing redundancy with dual WAN interfaces and encryption over all WAN interfaces.

Changed Interactions

“Cisco Meraki changed the way we interact with our clients,” said Jeff Barrage, chief information officer of USC. “With SD-WAN, Dual WAN, and AutoVPN on the MX's, we can reduce complexity, service providers, and time of deployment for sites.” The cameras, endpoint management, firewalls, switches, and indoor and outdoor WiFi access points are managed from a single cloud-based dashboard, that's a full stack best in class solution.”

“Our service provider solution allows a credit union to have CISCO Meraki firewalls at their locations with VPNs configured from each site at USC,” the company said. “For many clients, USC recommends private MPLS circuits with Century Link that are provided by USC allowing the credit union to purchase a backup Internet connection with the provider of their choice. USC Networking would install a CISCO Meraki Firewall to provide auto-VPN connections and SD-WAN allowing a credit union to leverage both connections simultaneously and maintain data encryption, with dual WAN uplinks.

Best of Breed

United Solutions added that with the Meraki firewall it can add secure WiFi for credit union staff and segmentation for a guest network to be used by members and others.

“United Solutions is always looking to offer best of breed products and services that will add value and give us a competitive advantage. We feel CISCO Meraki is an industry changing product and are happy to offer Meraki to our credit union clients,” said Jim Giacobbe, president and CEO of USC.

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