Why Ruling By Appellate Court On ADA Case Could Be Big Precedent

WASHINGTON–With more time to examine last week’s dismissal by an appellate court of a lawsuit against a credit union that alleged its website violated the Americans

ADA Lawsuits

With Disabilities Act (ADA), CUNA says a key ruling is likely to have an effect on similar lawsuits around the country.

As CUToday.info reported here, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit dismissed a lawsuit filed against Department of Labor FCU that alleged its website violated accessibility standards under the ADA. 

What’s important to note in the Fourth Circuit decision, said Alexander Monterrubio, CUNA’s senior director, advocacy & counsel, is that the court ruled the plaintiff did not have standing to sue, lacking status as either a member or even a non-member eligible to join.

That’s critical, noted Monterrubio, because the wave of lawsuits over the website/ADA issue have been brought by a very small number of law firms that have just selected one person to act as lead plaintiff. The firms then seek settlements from the credit unions.

Monterrubio, who noted a similar case remains before the seventh circuit, said the plaintiffs in the case against DoL FCU could still appeal the decision.

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