How Growing Need For Second-Factor Authentication Is Being Addressed

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SAN DIEGO—Mitek has introduced mobile technology that allows FIs to quickly verify the authenticity of a person’s driver’s license.

The technology is needed, according to Mitek, in order to meet demand for strong, second-factor authentication as more banks and credit unions enroll consumers via their phones for products, including digital wallets. previously reported that fraudsters have been typing stolen credit card numbers into Apple Pay and making purchases with their iPhones—as some FIs have not been using a second authentication factor to confirm that individuals enrolling in Apple Pay are who they say they are.

Available This Summer

Mitek recently introduced Photo Verify at FinovateSpring 2015, saying it will be available to Mitek customers and partners this summer. Mitek said it’s the first mobile technology that is assured to 100% accurately verify the authenticity of a driver’s license.

“This technology is the next step in enabling financial institutions to optimize the mobile channel for customer acquisition,” said James DeBello, Mitek president and CEO. “Institutions can be 100% sure that the license presented is an authentic, unaltered, government-issued document.”


Sarah Clark, Mitek

Sarah Clark, VP of product at Mitek, told that there is a great deal of use for the technology, not only enrolling customers or members into the financial institution or into new products, but also to verify large money transfers.

Clark said the advantage of the product is not only greater security, but convenience, as well. While the FI is asking the consumer to take another step, that step is an easy one, she said.

“Consumers simply scan their driver’s license with a phone or tablet and the FI receives and instant result,” said Clark.

Clark said Photo Verify combines Mitek’s MiSnap auto capture solution with “advanced computer vision software” to quickly find and decode an encrypted security feature hidden on a driver’s license. 

Scans For Deep Security Features

Clark said Photo Verify scans for deeper security features than those that can be seen with the naked eye, such as holograms, or those detected with ultraviolet light.

“When this security feature is detected and decrypted, the license is 100% authentic – this means zero false positives,” she said. “This is superior to other validation solutions because it provides a highly accurate and fast result.”

Photo Verify, using Mitek’s Photo Fill technology (Mitek Adds Mobile Photo Account Opening Solution), can also auto populate information fields, eliminating the need for consumers to punch in data via their phones.

“Photo Verify addresses the needs of the growing mobile banking user who wants speed and convenience,” said Clark. “This step does not get in the way of the transaction.”

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