Regional Offices Director


Type: Full Time

Location: Los Angeles, California

Regional Offices Director 

Regional office directors at Firefighters First Credit Union (FFCU) are responsible for all assigned regional

offices achieving established goals related to new membership, shares, loans, and cross-sells in support of individual regional office profitability. As a leader, the director sets the regional office objectives, delivers services, and manages for results through his/her team members. The director also ensures that the team is appropriately staffed and that they have the necessary training and resources to successfully perform their work. Overall, regional office directors are responsible for leading the regional offices to achieve objectives and build strong community and member relationships. Typical responsibilities: 

Manage operations across regional offices.
Train, coach, supervise, and performance manage regional office managers.
Analyze regional office performance metrics to make recommendations to improve operations, member experience, as well as forecast and plan.
Ensure regional offices build member relationships by assisting members with obtaining, interpreting, and utilizing financial information to plan for and achieve goals.
Ensure regional office managers coach employees on how to consult and sell FFCU financial products and services to members to meet individual member needs.
Ensure regional offices research and respond to member inquiries.
Ensure regional office managers promote membership expansion by networking with local fire unions, professional firefighter organizations, and attending events where brand exposure is
Participate in special projects and perform other duties and assignments as needed.
Travel required up to 80% of the time to visit regional offices, attend meetings, conferences, training, other work-related events.
Must maintain a current state driver’s license from the state of primary work location and company insurance requirements. Work remotely, and as needed work weekends and evenings. 

Basic Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics, or a related field. Experience in retail banking, financial services, or credit union operations. Experience supervising or managing employees at a financial institution. 

Preferred Qualifications:

Experiencing managing a branch office at a financial institution.
Experience supervising or managing employees in a financial institution for a minimum of 7 years.
Experience with public relations and building partnerships with local businesses and organizations.
Demonstrates knowledge of and experience with the loan application process and standard or typical internal operating policies and procedures.
Demonstrates the ability to lead, manage, and supervise team members across remote locations to achieve results. Demonstrates knowledge of the application of federal and state consumer lending regulations (e.g., Regulation Z, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Soldiers and Sailors Act, etc.) and compliance requirements such as Bank Secrecy Act, Office of Foreign Asset Control, and Customer ID Program policies and guidelines to appropriately document and track all transactions. Demonstrates knowledge of current industry offers, market trends, competitors, and Credit Union lending and member service policies and procedures.
Demonstrates the ability to interpret and apply financial information (e.g., credit scores, debt, assets, balances, payments, interest rates, etc.) and perform math functions (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, etc.). Demonstrates the ability to consult, provide member services, and achieve relationship sales objectives by anticipating and understanding member’s needs and selling products that will benefit them.
Demonstrates analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and judgment by gathering and applying relevant data to research and resolve issues.
Demonstrates the ability to prioritize and organize work, handle multiple tasks, and meet deadlines in a fast paced, high- volume environment.
Proficient in speaking and writing the English language using correct structure, vocabulary, and organization.
Demonstrates ability to adjust communication content, style, and presentation to fit a variety of audiences including executives, employees, members, and external stakeholders.
Demonstrates experience performing basic office functions such as answering phones, copying papers, assembling reports, and sending and receiving correspondence.
Demonstrates the ability to use office software to create written documents (e.g., MS Word and PowerPoint) and prepare spreadsheets (e.g., MS Excel), as well as database applications to enter, maintain, and report data.
Demonstrates experience and behavior consistent with FFCU’s core values of competence, integrity, excellence, curiosity, positivity, and humility. 

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