Chaffey FCU Moving Disaster Recovery System to CUProdigy’s DRaaS Solution

UPLAND, Calif. –Chaffey Federal Credit Union here has moved from its legacy disaster recovery system to CUProdigy’s cloud-based DRaaS solution for its non-core servers. In simplifying and streamlining its DR processes, the $146M credit union said it also removed a major point of failure: untrained people.

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“In a real disaster, what happens if your IT people can’t make it in? No matter how much documentation we provide, it would be nearly impossible for an operations manager or CEO to recover our servers using the old technology,” said CIO Rick Menjivar. “Now any of our executives can initiate a recovery with a quick phone call to CUprodigy.” 

CUProdigy reported the DRaaS solution employs near real-time data replication to the cloud for each server. Chaffey FCU initially deployed the solution and completed testing for its five critical servers and is now making plans to add more servers. 

“It was the easiest test I’ve ever done,” Menjivar said. “The whole thing was done in 15 minutes.” 

With the NCUA coming in the following week, Menjivar said he was also very pleased with the extensive reports CUProdigy provided after the test. 

“Our reliance on manual processes went way down, and our comfort level went way up. The decision to go with CUProdigy really was a no-brainer once we saw the demo,” he concluded. 


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