Credit Union ONE Selects OnApproach Platform from Trellance

FERNDALE, Mich.—The $1.4-billion Credit Union ONE here is now using the OnApproach M360 Enterprise platform from Trellance. 

By partnering with Trellance, the company said Credit Union ONE will benefit from enhanced enterprise reporting, member service, and accelerated digital transformation.

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“We are very excited to engage with Trellance to enhance our data analytics capabilities,” said Gary Moody, CEO of Credit Union ONE. “After a thorough evaluation of our options, the OnApproach M360 platform stands out as the data solution most aligned with our strategic vision and direction. Coupled with Trellance’s experience and complementary services, we look forward to improving our decision-making, operations, and ultimately the member experience with actionable data insights.”

‘Compete and Thrive’

Added Trellance, “Credit Union ONE will now have access to a secure enterprise solution to enable greater inter-department reporting and analytics. Trellance’s patented solution provides crucial foundational technology to facilitate the digital transformation of the credit union business model so they can compete and thrive in the rapidly evolving financial services arena. By leveraging Trellance’s OnApproach M360 Enterprise solution, Credit Union ONE has access to a growing pool of resources and expertise established to progress the credit union movement forward through times of disruption and digitization.”

“We continue to recognize and understand the importance of data analytics in providing actionable insights to drive results today and in the future,” said Tom Davis, CEO, Trellance. “With the OnApproach M360 Enterprise data platform, Credit Union ONE will be able to use integrated transactional data to increase efficiencies, manage risks and ultimately enhance their members’ experience.”

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