World Back-Up Day Is March 31: Can Members Count on You?

By Ron Daly

Virtual StrongBox is celebrating World Backup Day on March 31st to raise awareness of the need to back up digital content by encouraging financial institutions to provide online storage options to their customers or members.

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World Backup Day is a reminder of the extreme possibility that customers may suffer from data loss in the near future – with 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control, according to Reality Times, INC.

Here are some of the many ways data loss can occur:

  • Accidental Date Deletion
  • Malware or PC Virus Attack
  • Lost computer or phone
  • Natural Disasters

Providing Virtual StrongBox gives credit unions an opportunity to provide a unique service to members. As long as the member has access to the internet, they will always find their most important documents stored behind online banking inside Virtual StrongBox. Virtual StrongBox has unmatched security, with patented encryption technology and dedicated servers, putting financial institutions in the perfect position to offer an online safe deposit box.

Credit unions and banks already serve as gatekeepers of many important financial documents, and they subscribe to high security and authentication practices. But using general cloud storage providers can carry risk. They provide no ownership rights to store your documents and give you no control over where your materials are stored in the cloud.”

To reiterate the importance of backing up data and in recognition of World Backup Day, Virtual StrongBox is discounting its pricing on implementation; Institutions that sign for the service before March 31st will receive 25% off implementation costs.

My Virtual StrongBox does more than protect member data. The solution has secure file exchange functionality, allowing user to securely share files with their financial institution or a third party.

Ron Daly is president of Virtual Strongbox. For info:

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