Fresh Today

WASHINGTON–The Federal Reserve has released an extensive look at its history. The Fed has released transcripts of more than 50 interviews with former Federal Reserve chairs, board members and other professional staff that chronicles the history of the central bank.

WASHINGTON–The credit union trade groups believe a new Trump Administration memo requiring  independent federal agencies such as NCUA to submit any rules or guidance for review ahead of approval of Congress could be a good thing, although there are concerns over the potential effect on the agency’s ongoing independence.

WASHINGTON—The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released its Winter 2019 Supervisory Highlights, detailing issues currently on the Bureau’s radar, as well as enforcement trends credit unions should be mindful of.

NEW YORK—JP Morgan Chase announced it is expanding its retail footprint into nine of the top U.S. markets, as well as opening dozens of new locations in the greater Washington, D.C area, Philadelphia and Boston.