From Frank

It’s said we’re supposed to ring out the old as we ring in the new with each calendar change, but let’s face it–it’s never been an equal proposition and the attention is always to the latter. So…

Before we close out 2018, which means we’ve officially reached adulthood for the rest of this century,  here are just a few more observations, odds/ends and other stray items found during a year-end cleaning of my computer desktop:

With 2019 rapidly approaching––meaning we're a year away from being bombarded with news headlines, reports, Powerpoint graphics and more all sharing "2020 Visions"––it's time to start cleaning out the 2018 Reporter's Notebook. 

Looking for some snacks ahead of Thanksgiving dinner? Then consider these appetizers, which also have the advantage of being calorie (but not insight) free:

With Halloween approaching, just dug these items out of the bottom of the old pumpkin. You’ll have to decide whether they are tricks or treats.

While getting ready to throw away a well-traveled piece of luggage, found these notes from recent credit union events on what might lie ahead for the economy in the near future, including estimates based on some unusual indicators.