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CHICAGO–Your credit union no doubt has a plan in place to drive growth—but it’s all in vain if you don’t have the capacity to implement the strategies, according to one expert who shares four steps to help avoid that challenge.

CHICAGO–Do you work with a drama addict? Are you desperate to stop the drama and focus on real work? If so, two people have seven steps they say should be followed.

CHICAGO–Leaders often need quick solutions to challenges, but that often means no time for taking a deeper look at an issue. But Dan Rockwell suggests leaders need to ask powerful questions that he said are more effective than just statements.

CHICAGO–What are the best ways to deal with an unexpected, frustrating setback that may happen to you or your team at work?

CHICAGO–If you’re managing people, it often isn’t long before you feel generational tensions–but there are also steps you can take to avoid them, according to one expert.

CHICAGO–Can well-intentioned compliments from the boss actually become a negative? Yes, according to one expert, who said many employees report they have been offended by what their bosses thought to be positive words or actions.

BURNSVILLE, Minn.–Be authentic and true, move to get rid of toxic employees while aligning everyone else, and don’t forget Ed Filene’s advice. Those are some of the recommendations from Bill Raker, who became well-known to many in credit unions before recently retiring from Firefly Credit Union. 

CHICAGO–Planning to begin making more presentations in 2019, or even expanding into public speaking? Here are some rituals that can be practiced to lessen the nervousness.

CHICAGO–"Action learning" projects can be a boon for an organization in solving a problem, or a “colossal, frustrating waste of time,” according to one expert, who is sharing advice on five mistakes to avoid in such efforts.

CHICAGO–Although it seems like something a manager might never get around to doing, Theodore Kinne has invested some time in studying ways to better manage employees who are procrastinators.