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DES MOINES, Iowa–A supportive grandfather who was an early advocate has helped shape the career of Shazia Manus, CEO of TMG. That has led to a career in which Manus has also worked to be an advocate for others. Below, Ms. Manus shares her thoughts, insights and experiences on management and leadership as part of’s The Corner.

This week features Leap Day. As we are all given an extra day every leap year, Marianne Danielson realized that she could use it for something special.

WASHINGTON–Thousands of credit union reps will head to Capitol Hill this week for an annual celebration of democracy—and frustration. Gridlock in Washington has made it nearly impossible to get any legislation through Congress, and there is no better example than CUs, which combine a grassroots army with large political action committee funds. What can be done?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–The biggest factor in leadership success? It’s frequently overlooked, according to Wayne Benson, CEO of EPL: hard work. As part of's The Corner, Benson offers his thoughts along with lessons learned on leadership and management.

ALPHARETTA, Ga.–True leadership is most often a balancing act, including between instilling in people an intrinsic willingness to pursue a larger purpose or goal, while at the same time respecting all the different personalities involved, notes Meredith Deen, president of FMSI. Below, Ms. Deen shares her insights on leadership as well as some lessons learned in her career in’s The Corner.

CHICAGO–Is a better “work-life balance” among your goals for 2016? Have you looked to your own credit union for help in achieving that goal? You're looking in the wrong place, says one person in this TED talk.

NEW YORK–Adam Grant, a professor at Wharton, a writer for The New York Times and the author of “Give and Take” and “Originals,” said that for the past several months he has been “reading a slew of nonfiction books that will debut in 2016.” Here is his list of 10 books he said are "especially thought provoking."

What do a monk, job stress, a Korean author and vulnerability have in common? They are all the subjects of TED talks that can help to “inspire New Year’s resolutions.”