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CHICAGO–How can you start strong (or get restarted) with social media marketing? Many credit unions use social media, with some much better than others, while other CUs do not actively dip their toes in social media.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–Looking to be a little less dumb at work—and also a little less oblivious to where you’re, for lack of a better word, “stupid.”

CHICAGO–Tired of being interrupted? One person urges the adoption of three practices that should allow you more uninterrupted time to get your work done.

CHICAGO–There are five things that exceptional employees love to do, and that toxic employees hate, according to one person who has shared his thoughts on the practice of “leading up.”

CHICAGO–According to one analysis that claims to have reviewed 19-million meetings, most are pointless and will cost U.S. companies $399 billion in 2019. But there are ways to fix that, according to one person.

CHICAGO–How do you keep your most talented people from quitting and moving to another job? By asking them five “powerful questions,” according to research by Gallup.

CHICAGO–Should you trust your gut? Not unless you can answer these three questions.

CHICAGO––Have some sort of team-building exercise planned for your credit union’s staff? It’s probably a waste of time, according to one person, who says true collaboration really comes from something else.

CHICAGO–There is no shortage of talk about collaboration within credit unions, but how does a CU leader effectively sell the idea? They won’t be effective if they take the approach most people do, says one expert.

CHICAGO–Your credit union no doubt has a plan in place to drive growth—but it’s all in vain if you don’t have the capacity to implement the strategies, according to one expert who shares four steps to help avoid that challenge.