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WASHINGTON—What appears to be strong wins by Republicans in races across the country means changes in the chairmanship of some of the congressional committees that have oversight over credit unions and tax-related issues.

WASHINGTON—Credit unions will be watching how control of Congress may affect various committees’ leadership, but no one is expecting whatever outcome occurs to have much affect on credit union-backed priorities.

DES MOINES, Iowa—If credit unions want more reasons to move early to convert the card base to EMV—in addition to the growing number of data breaches—the availability of EMV card stock could be one.

ROYAL OAK, Mich.—The CFPB’s focus on unfair, deceptive or abusive acts or practices (UDAAP) among FIs and recent fines on banks for deceptive free checking advertising certainly sends chills up the backs of even the most confident compliance officers.

To avoid the CFPB ominously descending on the credit union—and some terrifying consequences—CUs must understand this Dodd-Frank mandate and reduce UDAAP risks.

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Saying the current system of credit union chapters in this state must evolve to serve the changing needs of CUs, the Ohio Credit Union League is launching a new networking system.

LOS ANGELES—Are consumers willing to pay more for privacy? The answer depends on how the question is asked.

LOS ANGELES—Credit unions found themselves being challenged again and again here during a discussion of how they are using or plan to use “big data,” about whether they are just “pretending” not to know certain things , and whether they have been “drinking their own Kool Aid” instead of respecting their member-ownership structure.

LOS ANGELES—Former NBA star Magic Johnson, who has become a hugely successful businessman, offered credit unions some advice on building their own businesses—and he did it in their own language, talking of ROI, branding and SWOT analysis.