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WASHINGTON—Despite the fact a final risk-based capital rule will almost certainly be published within the next 12 months, CUNA and NAFCU say the final judgment on RBC can only be made once a new interest rate risk rule is delivered.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Love means never having to…pay too much. Or at least that’s the message from credit unions around the country this Valentine’s Day, with numerous loan specials being tied to the holiday, along with advice and reminders that love may be blind, but it can come with a price tag.

ATLANTA—Credit union interest in offering a private health insurance exchange to members continues to be limited, but participation should pick up in 2015, predict analysts who see the online exchanges eventually working for CUs—and for more than health insurance.

SAN CARLOS Calif.—Is the rush by credit unions to enroll in Apple Pay as a play to keep and attract Millennials leading credit unions to take their eyes off the true costs of the new payments solution?

BOSTON—The rush to enroll with Apple Pay may have some FIs overlooking standard security protocols, widening the door for fraudsters, several sources have told

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—In a case of who said what and when did they say it, two NCUA board members have gotten into a war of words over an agreement the agency has with an outside law firm.