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ORLANDO—The ease with which even the most-secure computer systems can be breached was put on full display here—to say nothing of laptops, e-mail accounts and mobile phones. Were all that not enough concern for credit unions with an enterprise’s worth of data at risk, the risk is compounded by a demonstration of how easy it is to breach security via an accidental inside job.

ORLANDO—Daymond John, star of ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of the FUBU clothing line, said credit unions are the “For Us/By Us” of banking during remarks in which he offered five “Shark Points” that have helped to make him successful.

ORLANDO, Fla.—How does Disney do it? By over-managing. “It” is the famed ability to consistently deliver “Disney magic,” and that question is the one company executives get most often, according to one such exec who offered some insights into the company’s “secret sauce" at NACUSO's annual meeting here.

ORLANDO—Credit unions can build successful, mutually beneficial relationships with Realtors and real estate agents, provided they understand a few things about the market, the process, and misunderstandings on both sides, according to one person.

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Plenty of credit unions talk about the cost of compliance, but few know the exact figure. But one credit union here does.