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ALEXANDRIA, Va.— has obtained a copy of the legal opinion letter at the heart of a controversy over whether NCUA can create a two-tiered risk-based capital plan, or whether Congress’ intent and the Federal Credit Union Act prohibit anything other than a one-tier plan.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The NCUA board Thursday voted 2-1 to approve the new proposed risk-based capital rule. Board Member Mark McWatters cast the dissenting vote. McWatters said NCUA lacks the authority to issue a two-tiered RBC rule.

MADISON, Wis.—The balances on adjustable-rate mortgages at credit unions are up 16.3% over the last 12 months, and analysts say the growth has as much to do with ALM concerns at CUs as it does with growing consumer interest in the lowest-priced option.

WASHINGTON—The fight between credit unions and banks won’t go on forever, maybe not even for 20 more years, asserts Keith Leggett. Leggett, who is often the face—certainly to credit unions—of the American Bankers Association, made that prediction during an interview with

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Pentagon FCU is allowing eligible members to extend their current car loan terms up to 24 months, and lower their monthly payment.

THE NORTH POLE—Looking to do a little post-holiday shopping for your credit union? asked select companies and solutions providers to credit unions to reach into gift bags and identify some products or services they’d suggest every CU give themselves for 2015.