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MILFORD, Conn.—Getting the right employees into the right spots goes a long way toward making the team productive and–not surprisingly–the credit union more effective, says one CEO who is using a tool to do just that.

POWAY, Calif.–America’s attention will turn to romance and even love today, and while thoughts will be of that “special someone,” should love also apply to that special job? And can members really love a financial institution? 

WASHINGTON—At first blush, the prevalence of female CEO at credit unions is a strong sign of inclusion and diversity. But dig a bit deeper, and beneath the surface are trends that deserve more attention, send signals that are not a immediately apparent, and which show there is work left to be done, several sources told

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Debbie Matz recalls sitting on the edge of her seat at NCUA in October of 2010, nervously awaiting the outcome of the first public offering of the NCUA Guaranteed Notes (NGNs).

LAKE FOREST, Ill.–A new study finds many credit unions and banks are providing incorrect information to members/customers regarding their fees and checking offerings.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.—Running a business is serious business. But appealing to business owners doesn’t have to be—especially if a credit union wants its message to be noticed, according to one CU here, which is having “a little fun” and being “cheeky.”

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Solar power is increasingly moving mainstream, according to one state league, which contends success in the market depends more on providing consumers with valuable information than a great rate.

PARCHMENT, Mich.—The first credit union to buy three banks has found that often, picking up a bank can be simpler than merging in a credit union.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—Many credit unions are facing an IT budget crisis as the result of being caught “in the middle of a generation gap,” asserts one analyst, who says it’s affecting their ability to compete.

WASHINGTON—BECU’s interest in establishing a cooperative bank charter in this state is another sign more credit unions may be considering changing to a bank charter, according to one attorney.