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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.—A new mobile app is giving consumers accurate trade-in values for their vehicles—and even cutting them a check in minutes if they want one.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.—Analysts are divided on the impact the new Apple Card will have on financial services providers—some saying it’s a turning point in payments, while others call it just another credit card. But most agree credit unions will have to carefully monitor the potentially powerful new entry into the payments space.

ARLINGTON, Va.—The growing number of lawsuits, many seeking class action status, that continue to be filed against credit unions over their overdraft practices are evolving and growing more sophisticated.

DANNEBROG, Neb.—After significant flooding across the Midwest hit this tiny town two weeks ago, the one credit union providing financial services to its 350 residents here feared the high waters might have washed out Dannebrog for good.

AUSTIN, Texas–Two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Peyton Manning outlined eight “go-to plays” for success in remarks to an overflow audience of credit unions here.

LAKE FOREST, Ill.—As the Major League Baseball season gets under way, the Federal Reserve has struck out twice with its last two rate moves, according to one economist who suggests if financial institutions raise their deposit rates the central bank will likely hold off on any further rate increases over next two years.

STUDIO CITY, Calif.–A $21-million credit union has been liquidated here as the result of what prosecutors allege was a two-decade long embezzlement of more than $40 million.

RALEIGH, N.C.—Ruth Barnes believes that women who rise to the top of organizations are often backed by strong people at home and in their daily lives.