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SAN DIEGO—It’s time C-Suite executives give up some of the keys to their company’s data systems, as crooks are going after those at the top–or more specifically, their broad administration rights.

NEW ORLEANS—It was the tragic death of a long-time member that sent the clearest signal to CEO Chris Call and his credit union that it needed to begin serving the legitimate marijuana business.

ORLANDO, Fla.–Girls and women who are raised to be “perfect” and who are being held back in their lives and careers as a result, must learn to instead be “brave,” according to one person whose own life and accomplishments are a metaphor for the success to be had in taking on that difficult transition. 

LAKE FOREST, Ill.—Will the Federal Reserve adjust rates during its two-day meeting that begins today? One person says the “Fed gap” offers a strong signal.

BOULDER, Colo.—One credit union hopes that by tying support for its foundation to debit card usage, more members will support the CU’s charitable arm.

ARVADA, Colo.—With many credit unions chasing funds, one CU’s recently completed CD promotion exceeded its new deposits goal by 200%–thanks to a unique business relationship and steps taken to protect against deposit cannibalization.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–Long hidden in the shadows–and in some cases, intentional secrecy–NCUA’s new rules requiring disclosures be made by credit unions going through mergers reveal a host of new details around what members are being told and, in some cases, how they are being rewarded, as well as how some in CU leadership are being compensated as part of a merger.

WASHINGTON—While there is a growing fight for deposits among many financial institutions that has pushed up rates on certificates, it has come with a twist—credit unions have not been losing net interest margin as part of the battle. But there is a potential risk lurking.

COTTAGE GROVE, Wis.—When members arrive at one branch of Summit Credit Union here to talk about a loan, they don’t do so in the typical office space—instead, they meet inside an airplane, complete with typical airline seating.

TAMPA, Fla.—When Apple rolls out its new credit card this summer, it won’t feature the traditional card number–and that’s expected to affect both the future of card design and costs for other issuers, payments experts told