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SAN JOSE, Calif.—One credit union CEO says the Federal Reserve’s methods for determining the direction of interest rates is outdated–and has developed his own equation he contends is more accurate.

FOSTER CITY, Calif.—Digital wallet growth may be lagging in the U.S., used in just 3% of retail sales during 2018, according to one estimate, but Visa says help is on the way—and credit unions would be wise to get a strategy in place.

NEW YORK–An economic forecaster with a 96% accuracy rate is predicting a rather mild economic turndown in 2020, before a rebound, another slightly deeper recession in 2023, and then a strong and robust remainder of the decade.

NEW YORK–It’s a simple premise told often: taxi medallions were a low-risk collateral for lenders until being “disrupted” by ride sharing services, causing their values to plummet and lenders to suffer deep losses. 

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Understanding that sports teams sponsorships come with a great deal of competition for fans’ attention, one CU has introduced a unique “APM” that’s attracting the attention of Minnesota Wild supporters.

ATLANTA—Although the Trump Administration has vowed to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with something better, one healthcare expert said there is little relief on the horizon to the rising costs and challenges to credit unions in providing affordable coverage to staff.

HOUSTON–Just like when EMV cards rolled out several years ago and credit unions lagged behind banks in converting to chip cards, many CUs are now expected to be late to the game again as the Windows 10 ATM conversion deadline approaches.

LAKE FOREST, Ill—Is there a point at which the efficiencies gained as an institution grows and gains scale where it hits a plateau or even sees those gains reversed? Yes, suggests one new analysis.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla.–The former chief marketing officer for Beats by Dre had some music for the ears of credit unions here when it comes to blocking out all the other competitive noise in the marketplace.