Diebold Nixdorf Intro's DN Series of ATMs

NORTH CANTON, Ohio – Diebold Nixdorf has introduced its DN Series, a family of self-service ATM solutions the company said is designed to “anticipate the needs of a progressively transforming industry.”

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribasis among the 18 financial institutions in 13 countries already piloting the DN Series, Diebold said.

“This holistic, digitally-connected line of ATM solutions is built upon a software and services-driven model and provides a modern and personalized experience for consumers, while delivering maximum efficiency and simplicity for financial institutions,” the company said. 

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What Study Showed

A recent study from industry research firm RBR shows the durability of the ATM channel in an increasingly diverse payments environment, Diebold said. 

“The self-service channel continues to play a crucial role in financial institutions’ long-term strategies,” said Dominic Hirsch, managing director, RBR. “With 96 billion cash withdrawals made at ATMs last year at a value of $13 trillion, our data indicates that ATMs will remain a vital banking channel for the foreseeable future.”

Numerous Capabilities

Diebold said the DN Series enables multiple capabilities that benefit consumers and support financial institutions’ efforts to transform their branch environment:

  • Powered by DN AllConnect Services, the DN Series provides seamless connectivity by leveraging IoT technology with big data and machine learning to drive improved availability and performance.
  • Integrating the DN Vynamic software suite, the DN Series can interface with mobile devices and perform modular field upgrades to more digital-native features, such as NFC and biometrics, setting it apart from competitors. 
  • The DN Series improves security through anti-skimming options, encrypted communication protocols and rapid response services.

“The DN Series elevates the performance of the self-service channel, fully realizes the promise of our technology and serves as a critical component of our roadmap as we work to shape the future of our industry,” said Gerrard Schmid, president and chief executive officer at Diebold Nixdorf. “This next generation of financial self-service is the result of deep discovery of consumer needs and industry demands and exemplifies the integrated delivery model so essential in our industry today.”

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