Filene, CU Direct to Partner to Grow i3, Open a ‘Talent Workshop’

MADISON, Wis.–The Filene Research Institute is entering into a partnership with CU Direct to “support, grow and enhance” Filene’s i3 program. CU Direct’s focus on innovation and its role in driving credit union excellence is deeply aligned with the mission and direction of the i3 program, Filene said

According to the two organizations, the Filene / CU Direct partnership is built on a shared understanding of consumers’ financial needs, insight into the ever-changing financial landscape and a deep passion for developing innovative solutions that will help credit unions serve more members. 

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As part of the enhanced relationship, Filene said it is opening a “talent outpost” within CU Direct’s Irvine Campus, adjacent to their Innovation Lab. This physical link will keep Filene connected to CU Direct’s innovation work and enable Filene to be closer to member credit unions on the West Coast. 

Filene said additional will be forthcoming on this talent outpost as it works to staff the location with new employees over the next 12 months. 

‘Excited About Collaboration’

“We are excited for the collaboration and development of future credit union leaders through CU Direct’s support of the i3 program,” said Mark Meyer, Filene CEO. “With more than 200 innovative concepts and solutions from 260 program participants under its belt, Filene i3 has already helped save consumers millions of dollars, brought new efficiencies to credit unions and even changed a few laws.”

Filene i3 is an innovation and leadership development program “populated with the best and brightest minds from credit unions across the country,” Filene said, adding the program is built to instill and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in future credit union leaders. 

i3 participants work with Filene over a two-year period to brainstorm, test and launch products and solutions designed to address key challenges credit unions are facing. The program delivers a strong network of talent with over 30% of i3 graduates advancing to CEO or C-Suite level after participation.

‘Makes Sense’

“CU Direct is on the leading edge of innovative technology for credit unions, and we know this work is a collaborative sport, so it makes sense for us to partner with Filene to strengthen the opportunities available to growing, innovation-minded credit unions,” said Tony Boutelle, CU Direct president & CEO. “This is the type of innovative brainpower credit unions need to succeed in the financial services space now and in the future, and CU Direct is excited to support this important initiative.”

How to Sign Up

Separately, Filene said its i3 program will begin recruiting participants for the 2019 class in June. For info: Filene i3 web page to learn more about the application process and fill out the interest form to be notified first when applications open. 

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