FirstClose Publishes White Paper on ‘Software That Can Think’

AUSTIN, Texas–FirstClose has published a new white paper, “Software That Can Think: 4 Ways That Lenders Are Leveraging.” 

“The tech disruption of the mortgage industry continues to accelerate, and in a shrinking market with rising interest rates, the fate of companies is largely being decided by their ability to make things easier, faster and better for their borrowers,” the paper reads. “In this arms race, offering a superior customer experience is critical, but so is efficiency, so companies are turning to digital solutions to maximize employee productivity and save human interaction for when it matters most. It’s a delicate balancing act, and one that requires truly innovative technology.”


FirstClose, a mortgage software provider that automates and enhances the loan underwriting process, said its FirstClose web app and LOS plugin not only serves as a middleware application for real estate service providers, it is also a direct seller and reseller of settlement services. 

Looking to the Future

Looking to the future, FirstClose said, “Just as homebuyers will be competing for scarce homes, lenders will be competing for those buyers. The current housing market is a perfect storm swirling around the boat lenders are in, and they need a technology partner that serves not as a lighthouse in the distance, but as an experienced crew that hops aboard and steers them quickly to safe harbor. For that kind of support, lenders need a partner like FirstClose, which has the expertise and resources to help lenders through rising waters.”

The white paper outlines four advantages of the FirstClose solution, and further notes the company has forged strong partnerships and strategic alliances with large, nationally recognized organizations that excel in customer service, reliability, data coverage, reputation, and financial stability. 

In addition, FirstClose noted it has developed its own retail products, including the FirstClose Report, a comprehensive home equity and refi tool that compiles credit score, valuation, flood, tax and title in an easy-to-read report. 

Reduced Turn Times

“Lenders using the FirstClose Report were able to reduce application-to-fund turn times by 10 days in one case study, which also showed that it reduced traditional property report costs by an average of 40%,” the paper states. “FirstClose gives lenders the ability to choose amongst the best in the industry. It puts the lenders in control.”

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