InterLutions Expands I-Care Health Care Benefits to Small, Mid-Size CUs

MILWAUKEE, Wis. –In response to a 2018 healthcare coverage feasibility study, InterLutions CUSO said it has expanded its hallmark I-Care Employee Benefits program to include coverage for small and mid-size credit unions. 

The company said by joining the I-Care community, credit unions with as few as 10 employees or as many as 500+ employees can reduce claim risk and offer associates high-quality, competitive healthcare for less. 

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"The 10-year trajectory for healthcare costs is shocking,” said Jesse Kohl, president of InterLutions. “For many credit unions, the ability to offer top-quality employee benefits––when the cost of maintaining those benefits keeps rising at an alarming pace––has been an impossible feat. Until now.”
Pointing to the need to tackle the challenge and find an innovative employee healthcare solution for credit unions nationwide, InterLutions said that was the reason it launched I-Care in 2015. 

‘Leveraging Collaborative Spirit’

“The CUSO’s unique and collaborative funding model was initially available for credit unions with 50 or more insured employees on their medical plan,” the company said.

The popularity and growth of I-Care, however, has now enabled InterLutions to extend I-Care’s service offerings to smaller credit unions as well, it said.
“The mission of I-Care is to leverage the credit union industry’s collaborative spirit to better control healthcare costs and improve benefits,” said Kohl. “Providing quality healthcare plans to employees is the credit union way. I-Care not only makes it possible for credit unions to give employees the benefits they deserve, it makes it possible for credit unions to retain and recruit top talent and better control one of their most-expensive budget items.”
Added Melissa Doebert, HR director with Kohler Credit Union in Wisconsin, “I-Care gives us the opportunity to give our employees what they deserve. We can provide better benefits at a lower cost to employees.” 

Free Consultation

Credit unions interested in a free healthcare risk consultation, cost evaluation, and overall benefits review can contact Mark Sowinski, I-Care Executive Account Manager, the company said. 

“We’re excited to show credit unions what I-Care can do for them,” said Sowinski. “I-Care credit unions not only save money, they also gain access to big data, analysis tools, and resources that help HR professionals more easily navigate the ever-changing healthcare world. Participants can choose from multiple networks while individually creating their own unique plan design. All this makes I-Care an employee healthcare game changer.”
For info: or watch I-Care informational and testimonial videos for more information.

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