Members Development Co. Rebrands Innovation Council as NextUP

MINNEAPOLIS – MEMBERS Development Company reported it has rebranded its Innovation Council as the NextUP program to “better reflect its commitment to usable research and development that increase value for credit unions.”

NextUP will offer an exclusive, world-class professional training program for current and up-and-coming leaders from among its 60-plus owner credit unions in areas such as product development, strategic-growth coaching and innovative thinking, according to the company.

Kline Jeff

Jeff Kline

“With technology changing at near hyper-speed levels and growing competition from traditional and non-traditional sources, credit unions need help staying competitive and relevant,” said  CEO Jeff Kline in a statement. “To fill this void, MDC is taking its innovation and R&D efforts to the next level while partnering with premier industry leaders, like futurethink and Baker Tilly, to provide NextUP participants R&D and ideation training for hand-picked current and future leaders.”

For nearly 20 years, MDC said its owner credit unions have collaborated on new tools and methods to enhance credit unions’ product and service offerings. The CUSO added it annually recruits talented professionals from owner credit unions to imagine and design new credit union services, products and tools, as well as identify more efficient ways to manage operations. The NextUP program accelerates those efforts.

In addition to online meetings and training, participants spend four days meeting in person to develop actionable ways to advance the credit union industry and help MDC’s owner credit unions compete with other banking players, the company explained. Participants receive extensive training from futurethink and from Baker Tilly.  The first two days take place during MDC’s August Owner Meeting, followed by two half days in November. The final day is spent before the February Owner Meeting, when NextUP teams present their final concepts to MDC ownership as project pitches.

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