Clearview FCU, West-Aircomm FCU Support Reality Fair

PITTSBURGH–Clearview Federal Credit Union and West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union partnered to plan and host the 2019 Moon Area High School Financial Reality Fair. Approximately 550 students from the junior and senior social studies classes participated in the Reality Fair. 

Clearview West Aircom

At the beginning of the event, every student received a career, salary, estimated student loan payment, and checking and savings account balances to use during the event. Based on their salaries, savings, and loans, students were able to make selections centered around the varying costs for housing, transportation, entertainment, utilities, and other average monthly expenses. Students then calculated and determined if their choices were suitable compared to the salaries, savings, and loan amounts they had received. 

A total of 35 credit union volunteers from Clearview Federal Credit Union, West-Aircomm Federal Credit Union, CHROME Federal Credit Union, and A&S Federal Credit Union were present to help make the event a success. These four organizations worked together to assist with financial counseling. Moon Area High School parents and other community members also volunteered at individual booths helping students select from budget choices such as housing, transportation, food, cell phone, TV and Internet, and clothing.

At right, from left: Megan Laughlin, Kimberly Gegick, Symone Ciencin, Kelly Bowes, Terri Peterson, and Maura Boggs.

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