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MADISON, Wis.—As explores during 2015 how well CUs are building relationships with new members, CUNA Mutual Group’s chief economist, Steve Rick, said the latest data show credit unison are doing a good job of cross-selling new members.

BALTIMORE—Securityplus FCU is one of the first CUs in the country to test facial recognition biometric software for member authentication, and it is launching the technology at the same time it introduces a sophisticated member service kiosk.

LAKE FOREST, Ill.—Surveying the 2014 financial marketplace, Moebs $ervices has identified 10 events—the five worst and five best—that it says will continue to impact financial Institutions in 2015.

NEW YORK—Looking to buy just the right item with those gift cards you received during the holidays? How about “hack-proof” pants? A new line of clothing is being sold that promises to protect the wearer from “digital identify theft” by blocking electronic scanners that could otherwise steal consumers’ card data even while cards are still in one’s pockets.

COSTA MESA, Calif.—Expect more attacks on the cloud, U.S. EMV adoption to drive even more breaches, and the “Internet of Things” to emerge as another hacker target in 2015, forecasts Experian.

BILLINGS, Mont.—Valley Federal Credit Union here was the site of synchronized wedding ceremony for nine couples who were married at 10:11 a.m. on 12/13/14. That was the last time that time and date will line-up during this century.

WASHINGTON—Next year auto sales will top 17 million units, oil will fall to $50 a barrel and consumers will rack up at least $60 billion in credit card debt, according to WalletHub.

ST PETERSBURG, Fla.—The Target data breach, one-year old Thanksgiving day, ushered in a wave of successful cyber-attacks on the U.S. that have elevated financial institutions’—and consumers—attention to card security.