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KALAMZOO, Mich.—KALSEE CU now holds the Guinness World Record for most coins tossed into a bucket by a group for one minute.

CHICAGO—As credit unions continue working to build deeper “engagement” with members, one bank is sharing some insights into its own ongoing “journey” down that same path.

LAS VEGAS—Like a gambler who’s lived through a hard bust, one credit union here isn’t ready to bet the house now that better cards are coming its way.

TRENTON, N.J.—When State Employees' Credit Union disaffiliated from CUNA and the Carolinas CU League it put a new spotlight on a growing concern of many credit unions, whether their state associations are effectively serving the needs of all of their dues-paying members—big and small. And it’s not just credit unions asking themselves that question. For the state leagues, in which for decades membership was almost automatic and when the rare disaffiliation occurred it was often due to personal politics, it has also meant self-reflection. They acknowledge they have a task ahead.

SAN ANTONIO—Security Service Federal Credit Union here has named Karyn Draeger to fill a position not often found in credit unions, “Employee Wellbeing Advisor.” Here, Ms. Draeger responds to five questions from about the position.

PENNINGTON, Ala.—With NCUA cracking down on late filers, one credit union has reduced the time it takes to compile, complete and file its quarterly 5300 Call Report from several days to just two hours.

SAN CARLOS, Calif.—Simply signing a contract for Apple Pay is not a mobile payments strategy, cautions one payments consultant who encourages CUs to carefully map their payments future and learn from the past.