Shutdown Over, But Questions Surround Fate Of Credit Card Charges

Credit Card Charges

WASHINGTON—On top of all the worries facing federal workers who had been going without paychecks during the just-ended partial government shutdown, many were facing mounting credit card bills on government-issued plastic for which they could not receive reimbursement.

Bloomberg reported that before the shutdown ended, tens of thousands of federal workers faced the dilemma.

“They are receiving credit card bills—for which they are personally responsible—for work-related expenses they incurred before the shutdown but can't get reimbursed because their agencies are mostly closed and funds are frozen,” stated Bloomberg last week.

Bloomberg noted that JPMorgan Chase, one of several companies issuing government credit cards, said it will shield employees from downgrades to their credit scores for late payments.

The number of federal employees who have received such bills at shuttered Bloomberg noted that almost all government agencies now insist that employees put work credit cards in their own names and pay the bills themselves.

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