THE 'tude

At great personal risk of being nominated for the Herb Wegner Award for the Individual Most Likely to Never Receive a Herb Wegner Award, let me ask this...

Whenever I have had the opportunity to speak before a group or have drafted an opinion piece, I have always tried not to use what some call overused words and phrases.

At one point in history, soothsayers had the future-telling market cornered. Over time, however, it became clear there was a big problem with the product. While soothsayers could tell the future, they were rarely right. 

About seven years ago, Shelby Beil, VP and CFO and Technology Officer at TTCU Federal Credit Union in Tulsa, Okla., came to the realization that they weren’t serving their member’s mortgage needs a s well as they could. 

It’s a day that songs, clichés and poets all say isn’t supposed to arrive, yet for one group of innovative credit unions, “Tomorrow” more than arrived, it lasted for two-and-a-half terrific, idea-sharing, best-practice-learning, growth-oriented, exciting days.