THE 'tude

You don’t exactly need a postgraduate degree from the University of Tea Leaves to figure out that several members of the NCUA board think credit unions and their trade associations are being just a wee bit hypocritical in their demands for more “transparency” from the agency when it comes to the budget.

Social media is an effective way to market your credit union or business. But to actually be effective, you have to do it right and be consistent.

Have you actually seen one?  You know, “Millennials”, have you seen one?  This seems to be a big question for many segments in business right now: How do you define and serve the up and coming generation known as “Millennials”?

There was so much irony and envy on hand last week that it required a building with 2.6-million square feet of meeting space just to handle it all.

First, the irony. For a large conference with the name “bank” in it, for all the thousands of “bankers” from around the world who were on hand, and for all the references to the “banking” industry, if you listened carefully during the Bank Administration Institute’s Retail Delivery Show you might have noticed it was “credit unions” that so many people were talking about. Even if no one used those words—or even realized what was right beneath their noses.

“Big data” often has a reputation of being so large, varied and complex that it’s difficult to handle, stretching the limits of traditional relational database management systems. However, the ability to integrate and analyze disparate information and see the big picture can help gauge member needs and business trends.

As market conditions continue to evolve, today’s institutions face a dynamic landscape burdened with pressures on margins and loan credit quality, restrictions on capital and directives to reduce expenses. Profitability and cost management are now at the forefront as credit unions work to build their balance sheets and thrive in this challenging environment.

When it comes to credit unions’ involvement in politics and advocacy, two interesting statements were made almost simultaneously that should really cause the whole CU community to pause and think for a moment.

Facebook made changes to their API and SDKa recently. In their announcement of these changes, they let people know they no longer can use incentivizing to increase Page Likes. In other words, you can’t make people “like” your page by giving them something in exchange.

In the cartoons, the Voice of Conscience is always portrayed as a little white angel sitting on a character’s shoulder, struggling to be heard over the temptations being whispered into the other ear by a grinning, little red devil.