THE 'tude

They deserve so much more than being cold digit data points with no life beyond a cell in an Excel spreadsheet. 13. 18. 12. 219. So let’s not forget them. “They” are the number of credit unions that disappear in mergers, the acquired, not the acquire, anonymous and forgotten each month and then, to pile on some CAMEL-sized ignominy, buried even more anonymously in the year-end numbers.

The recent criticism by the CFPB of credit unions using credit reporting agencies to screen for checking accounts, along with the press reports on the potential impact of Walmart’s GoBank account program on credit unions, clearly highlights the two major issues credit unions now face—regulation and competition.

Effectively managing cash is not so different conceptually than managing any other type of inventory, so it makes sense that credit unions implement standard inventory management practices into their cash management processes.

During my 30+ year credit union career I constantly heard the lament from many credit unions about the impossibility of getting loaned out.  The excuses were myriad.  The NCUA won’t let us make loans.  The economy is bad.   The auto dealers take our members.   There is no demand.   Excuses, excuses.

It’s not talk the talk and walk the walk—unless someone balks. If credit unions aren’t going to stick up for credit unions, who, exactly, is going t

Achieving meaningful revenue growth is the definition of success. In pursuit of program success, consider these six key steps in your program management plan. ran an article recently that focused on reasons why some credit unions aren’t growing.  The piece cited a CUNA Mutual report which found that credit unions with assets greater than $1-billion reported membership growth of 6.3%, while credit unions with assets less than $20 million showed membership declining by 1.6%.

Home banking integration (HBI) shows all of a financial institution’s consumers’ financial assets, including investments, to the client on one page, accessible via a single login.