THE vids

We've created a credit union video portal to showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly of credit union commercials. You be the judge!


ACT 1st FCU promotes its expanded FOM.

Hapo Community Credit Union

Hapo Community stresses its community role.

Credit Union 1

Credit Union 1 shares the 'LUV'

Neighborhood CU

Neighborhood CU awards member $50,000.

Dover Federal Credit Union

Dover FCU stresses its local roots.

Credit Union of Southern California

CUSoCal promotes its debit card. 

Southern Mass CU

Southern Mass CU wishes happy holidays in Portuguese. 

Advantage FCU

Advantage FCU promotes auto refi's. 

Hiway FCU

Hiway FCU 'shakes' it.

Black Hills FCU

Black Hills FCU promotes itself.