THE vids

We've created a credit union video portal to showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly of credit union commercials. You be the judge!

Educators Credit Union

Educators CU says it can help people 'achieve more.'


MECU talks about delivering 'more' for members.

Centric FCU

Centric FCU promotes text alerts on card spending.

Northern Credit Union

Northern Credit Union in Canada promotes its 30-minute mortgage approvals 

Sikorsky Credit Union

Sikorsky CU promotes itself as alternative to banks.

7/17 Credit Union

7/17 Credit Union says it is "Respectfully Yours"

Kelly Community FCU

Kelly Community FCU promotes auto loans. 

Apple FCU

Apple FCU spot satirizes the Mac vs. PC commercials. 

L&N FCU Promotes 5/5 Mortgage

L&N FCU promotes its 5/5 mortgage.