Senate Sets Hearing Date for 2 NCUA Board Nominees

WASHINGTON–The Senate Banking Committee has announced the date of the confirmation hearing for two nominees for the NCUA Board. The hearing is set for February 14, Valentine’s Day, for Rodney Hood and Todd Harper.

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Rodney Hood

Both nominees have strong ties to NCUA, with Hood, the Republican nominee, having previously served on the NCUA boardfrom 2005-2010. Hood’s term would run through 2023. Harper, the Democratic nominee, served as director of Public and Congressional Affairs and as chief policy advisor to the chairman from 2011 to 2017. Like Hood, due to holdovers on the board and the lack of earlier congressional action, Harper’s term would run through April 2021. NCUA board seat terms run for six years. 

The Hood and Harper nominations are moving forward as part of a common practice of pairing up nominees from different parties.

The term of board Chair J. Mark McWatters is scheduled to expire in August 2019, meaning President Trump will  have the opportunity to appoint all three NCUA board seats.

“We thank the Senate Banking Committee for scheduling testimony from Mr. Hood and Mr. Harper, and CUNA will be closely engaged with the hearing,” said Ryan Donovan, CUNA’s chief advocacy officer. “Credit unions look forward to a full, three-person board if these nominations go through.”

In addition to the hearing for the Hood and Harper nominations, the Senate committee will also vote on the nomination of Bimal Patel as  assistant secretary of the Treasury Department and Mark Calabria to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

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