With Nothing Peachy About Old Logo, CU Of Georgia Opts For New Look

CU of Georgia

WOODSTOCK, Ga.–Credit Union of Georgia has unveiled a new logo to replace an image that is widely used across this state. The $321-million credit union’s new logo features the letters C and G in the form of a monogram.

The credit union said it made the move to differentiate its brand—which previously used a peach—from numerous other businesses in Georgia that also use the fruit for which the state is best known.

“For years, non-members have confused our credit union with different entities, including other credit unions and even the state lottery,” said Amanda Arnold, vice president of marketing and business development for the credit union. “Every company should have a visual representation which sets them apart from other businesses. We believe our new logo will help us accomplish this.”

The logo was designed by On the Mark Strategies.

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