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NCUA OIG Cybersecurity Audit

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NCUA's OIG reviews the agency's oversight of cybersecurity programs of credit unions.

Rachel Pross Senate Testimony July 23 2019

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Testimony of Rachel Pross before Senate on banking cannabis industry.

Joint Statement on Risk-Focused BSA/AML Supervision

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Joint statement issued by federal bank regulatory agencies

CUNA Letter To Federal Reserve

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CUNA's letter to the Federal Reserve Board addressing the payments system.

NCUA Q1 2019 Quarterly Report

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NCUA's quarterly report for Q1.

NCUA OIG Report to Congress 03/31/19

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NCUA Office of Inspector General Report to Congress, March 31, 2019.

CUNA Comment Letter to CFPB 051519

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CUNA comment letter to CFPB.

Rodney Hood Congressional Testimony 051519

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Testimony by Rodeny Hood before Congress. 

Gail Jansen Testimony Before HSBC

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Testimony of Gail Jansen before House subcommittee hearing on SBA 7(a) program. 

NCUA OIG Report on Taxi Medallion Losses

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Report from Office of Inspector General on what led to failures of taxi medallion lending CUs.