Corporate Central Now Offering ATM Managed Services from Fiserv

MILWAUKEE, Wis.–– Corporate Central Credit Union said it is now helping to simplify ATM operations for credit unions by offering ATM Managed Services from Fiserv. 

“Offering a managed service approach will allow Corporate Central to respond to member (or credit union’s) needs for more efficient, secure and profitable ATM programs, enabling credit unions to efficiently enhance one of their most important touchpoints with members,” Corporate Central said.

With ATM Managed Services from Fiserv, financial institutions can outsource specific components of their ATM program, or the entire management and operation of the program, streamlining their operations while mitigating risk, the organization added.


“Our members (or credit unions) are challenged to keep their ATM fleets up to date and to provide cardholders with the most advanced functionality, while staying on top of all the regulatory upgrades and compliance requirements associated with ATMs,” said Jesse Kohl, SVP-corporate development with  Corporate Central. “A managed services approach helps address these challenges, allowing credit unions to provide an optimal ATM user experience for their valued members.”

Full Range of Support

According to Corporate Central, ATM Managed Services from Fiserv offers a full range of client support and card management and web-based reporting, including managing vault cash, optimizing load amounts and schedules and managing maintenance providers. 

“Advanced monitoring and forecasting capabilities provided as part of the offering are designed to optimize cash levels, minimizing emergency calls for cash replenishment and freeing excess inventories for more profitable use,” Corporate Central said. “First-line maintenance services provided as part of the offering proactively maintain ATMs, keeping them in working condition for optimum up-time and fewer second line maintenance calls.”


‘Securely Plugged In’

Corporate Central added CU members are also securely plugged into every major local and national card network and card association, ensuring cash is available when needed.  

“Today’s members expect immediate access to their money – at every ATM location, 24 hours a day – and a positive ATM experience drives loyalty,” said Troy Cullen, SVP-Card Services with Fiserv. “ATM Managed Services from Fiserv benefits both credit union staff and members. Instead of devoting time and resources to bringing ATM fleets into regulatory compliance or dealing with maintenance issues, credit union teams can focus their attention on serving members, who have access to the most up to date ATM capabilities.”

Webinar Planned

Corporate Central and Fiserv said they will host a series of introductory and educational webinars starting May 2, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. CT / 11:00 a.m. ET. The webinars will explore the evolution of ATMs, detailing the increased burden placed on credit unions to manage the risk, daily maintenance and constant upgrades to their ATMs, and outlining the benefits of collaborating with an industry expert to build an efficient support model for ATM networks. Registration is availablehere.

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