Franklin Madison, Ethos Enter into Partnership

FRANKLIN, Tenn.– Franklin Madison announced it has entered into a partnership with Ethos.

Through this partnership, Ethos’ term life insurance offering will be offered to the more than 3,500 financial institutions Franklin Madison serves, the company said.

“Life insurance is a critical component of a person’s financial security, yet only 59% of Americans have life insurance today,” Franklin Madison said in a statement. “This coverage gap is largely due in part to the incredible friction in the traditional application process with weeks of paperwork, blood tests and medical exams that deter people from getting the coverage they need. Ethos offers a modern, digitally driven solution that allows applicants to apply for term life insurance in 10 minutes, with 99% of applicants requiring no additional medical testing.”

Franklin Madison

The company said by partnering with Ethos its clients will now be able to offer faster, seamless life insurance enrollment services to their customers and members.

“Franklin Madison is excited to carry forward the larger mission of Ethos to make life insurance more accessible to Americans, through our broad-reaching bank and credit union network,” said Robert Dudacek, president and CEO of Franklin Madison. “This partnership will enhance our ability to enrich our consumers’ lives and secure their financial futures.”

Shared Philosophy

Franklin Madison said both companies share the philosophy that life insurance solutions should place family security and financial wellness at the core of the business.

“Ethos was founded on the principle that life insurance should be accessible to all Americans,” said Peter Colis, Ethos CEO and co-founder. “We see that same commitment from Franklin Madison with trustworthy products and services that can have a lifelong impact on their families that subscribe. We’re excited to partner with them to bring great life insurance coverage to their clients across the United States.”

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