1,490 Volunteer Hours Donated During Elevations CU's Prosperity Month

BOULDER, Colo.– Elevations Credit Union reported that its first-ever Elevations Prosperity Month resulted in 1,490 volunteer hours provided to local nonprofits along the Front Range by a total of 225 participants, including 149 Elevations employees and 76 Elevations members. This total exceeds the goal set for the month of June to give back 1,000 volunteer hours.

Elevations said its employees and members volunteered at the following organizations:

Elevations Volunteers
  • A Precious Child (Broomfield)
  • Community Food Share (Louisville)
  • Cultivate (Boulder)
  • The Farm at Lee Martinez Park (Fort Collins)
  • Food Bank for Larimer County (Fort Collins and Loveland)
  • Poudre Education Association (Fort Collins and Loveland)

“We are proud to have exceeded our goal of 1,000 volunteer hours during Prosperity Month,” said Dennis Paul, VP-community affairs for Elevations. “Elevations members and employees are the best, and we thank everyone who participated in this initiative to showcase our dedication to the communities we serve. When we all work together, we are truly prosperous together.”

Volunteering is part of the credit union’s DNA, as Elevations offers 16 hours of volunteer time off annually to employees, it said. “Prosperity Month further catapulted this mission to give back across the Front Range.”

Volunteers completed a variety projects over the course of the month, including 170 service hours provided by 43 Elevations volunteers for Cultivate. According to Thalia Foster, Director of Volunteers for Cultivate: "We're so grateful to the volunteers who helped to clear the yards of our senior community members. Many seniors are unable to take care of their own yards because of physical or mobility limitations and rely on the generosity of amazing volunteers to stay safe outside of their homes.”

In Larimer County, volunteers spent time at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park, part of the City of Fort Collins. “Having the Elevations Credit Union crew paint the inside and outside of the chicken house in such a short time was a boost to Farm Staff, a project that could have taken weeks for us to accomplish, given everything else that needs attention on a farm,” said Bridget Brownell, Recreation Supervisor for The Farm at Lee Martinez Park.

Fort Collins volunteers also visited schools in the Poudre School District, including Laurel Elementary. “I want to share my extreme gratitude toward the crew that helped me sand the fish tank at Laurel Elementary on Friday, June 28,” said Lynda Moore of Laurel Elementary. “The 90-gallon fish tank has been in the office at the school for over 20 years. It was well past due for an overhaul.”

 Elevations volunteers participated in the fight against hunger at Community Food Share in Louisville and at the Food Bank for Larimer County. “Working with partners like Elevations Credit Union, we are able to provide over 10 million pounds of food to the 1 in 9 members in our community that are food insecure annually,” said Dina Coates Koebler, Chief Development Officer for Community Food Share. “Community Food Share is proud to work with Elevations Credit Union staff year-round to make a difference in our community. Bravo Elevations Credit Union!”

A  video recap of Prosperity Month can be found here: https://youtu.be/WsITevNsNxo

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