How To Bring Home More Value to CU Than Just Photos & Memories

CHICAGO– has partnered with the Filene Research Institute to highlight some of the innovative ideas that are created by Filene’s i3 program. On a regular basis, will update “The Pilot” with new i3 programs, along with news on how to further participate.

The Featured i3 Concept: Hindsight


Objective: Help credit unions maximize the value of travel to conferences and training by facilitating knowledge transfer.

The team behind Hindsight estimates that credit unions spend approximately $340-million every year to send staff and volunteers to training events and conferences. In a video introducing the concept, its developers note, “Our current method of capturing the potpourri of 10 or 15 different sessions is failing us.” To address that failure, the team’s goal was to develop a way to get the most out of that expenditure.

“Enter Hindsight, a cloud-based note-taking tool with built-in rating functionality and sharing capability,” its developers said. Hindsight’s three specific objectives:

  1. Develop a more strategic approach to conference note-taking.
  2. Warehousing notes in an easy to access database for post-conference review.
  3. Allowing attendees to share notes, insights and ideas online.
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Hindsight is moving forward for further testing in the i4 incubator. Credit unions and individuals interested in testing it can do so by completing this form."

More information can be found on Hindsight here, where you will also find the request form, as well.

A video with more information can be found here.

What is Filene i3?

Filene i3 brings the credit union industry's brightest minds together and unleashes them to dream up, build, and test innovative solutions. With more than 200 innovative concepts under its belt, Filene i3 has helped save consumers millions of dollars, brought new efficiency to credit unions and even changed a few laws.

How Can I Participate?

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Filene is currently accepting applications for it’s next class of innovators. Credit union employees with a demonstrated track record of creativity and a desire and ability to influence change are encouraged to apply. Applications are being accepted at through May 1, 2016.

The i3 teams are constantly creating new concepts and they need credit unions to help test their ideas. Check back here regularly to learn about testing opportunities.

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