From Frank

Economists aren’t often taken for conversationalists, even though the profession comes with ready-made conversation-starters that transcend nearly every social scenario: cocktail parties, backyard picnics, the kids’ school functions, seatmate on a long flight.

Sitting on a flight recently the person next to me made the kind of statement that any true-blue credit union apostle believes should cause the plane to fall from the sky––this person was not only a Bank of America customer, she was very satisfied with the relationship. 

Not sure why there is so much attention to so-called “fake news” when the real news is so much more entertaining, confounding and frustrating. Here’s a sampler:

You never know from what corner of the world you might hear an observation made that changes how you think about something.

No true credit unionist ever forgets when they were a wee lass or lad and went away to Camp Credit Union, where they would gather under the stars at night next to a glowing cooperative campfire before there would be a hush, and a wizened camp counselor in an Ed Filene replica fedora would share the CU genesis story of the New Hampshire mill workers and the formation of the first credit union. 

Diversity gets a lot of attention in credit unions, and it should (although let’s not confuse attention with action. Stop for a moment and look around at any major credit union meeting and Rainbow Coalition it’s not.)