From Frank

At first, it just seems like some incredible, edge-of-the-seat crime thriller you might find on Netflix—the CEO of a relatively tiny, obscure financial institution is living on the edge with a secret, invisible life that includes private jets, a gambling habit, luxury cars and more. 

There was a time when for America’s credit unions thought they had really become the “bee’s knees” when they first began meeting in Washington for reasons other than taking a train to Union Station to get federal legislation passed or a new federal regulator organized.

According to the 2018 Member Giveback Tracker, credit unions have announced special bonuses, loan rebates and other payouts to the tune of about $180 million so far. 

It’s said we’re supposed to ring out the old as we ring in the new with each calendar change, but let’s face it–it’s never been an equal proposition and the attention is always to the latter. So…