From Frank

If you’ve been in credit unions long enough to remember when you wanted to get home from work in time to catch the latest episode of Frasier or Third Rock from the Sun, since at the time “on-demand” meant whatever DVD you might have handy, then you remember Ralph Swoboda’s time at CUNA.

If you’re a masochist and are looking to ruin a good conversation at the hotel bar one evening during the league meeting, ask someone about their credit union’s app.

It’s been one big swipe right lately between banks and credit unions as they go together hand in hand on long walks on the Washington beach to lobby for passage of a reg relief bill—but should credit unions have swiped left, instead?

Sure, Ready Player One and Black Panther are popular in movie theaters, but down at the Credit Union Bijou it’s CUTomorrow: The Movie Preview that’s drawing crowds.

Before tackling this week’s interesting mix of items from CU Land, including CU-people-turned songwriters, how this year’s March Madness Cinderella was compared to a credit union, and what’s happening in mergers outside CUs, I want to thank Harland Clarke for becoming the latest company to sponsor’s CUTomorrow Conference.